About Us

Hi! I’m Holli and I own and operate Heaven Scent Soap Company from my home in Kingsport, Tennessee. If you’re like me, you love learning about the faces behind the businesses you support. I love to feel like I “know” who I’m spending my money with and I want to know my purchase has a positive impact on a family and in turn, a local community. In case you feel the same way, I thought I’d give you a (rather lengthy) introduction to my and my family!

I’ve been married to my husband, Whitney, for 23 years. We have 2 children. Grace is 21 and a senior at Western Carolina University. Colin is 19 and a freshman at Savannah College of Art & Design. Whitney spent 20 years in the US Navy. I am an incredibly proud military spouse! Whitney’s military career was spent as a seal team member, deep water diver, and then diving instructor before retiring in 2011. He now works for US Job Corps. 

I have been blessed to not only be a Navy wife but also a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom for so many years and I wasn’t sure what was next for me as an empty nest was fast approaching. As women, we often identify ourselves based on our family and what season of life we are currently in. I was facing the questions “Who am I now?” and “What’s next?” My parents were retiring and my mom was in a similar, limbo-state of figuring out life’s next steps. 

I have always been “crafty” and enjoyed making things, especially with the kids when they were younger. We made many cleaning products, lip balms, lotions, shaving creams, and sugar scrubs over the past 20 years. When I was looking for the answer to “What’s next?” Expanding this hobby was a logical choice.

So Heaven Scent Soap Company was officially born in 2018 though it was many years in the making! This business has given mom and I a creative outlet and a way to spend more time together. We travel to events all along the east coast, sharing our handcrafted products and making new friends along the way. So many customers and fellow small business owners have become like family!. It’s our favorite thing to do. ;-)

We love and use every product I make. If we don’t 100% believe in it, I won’t make it! My family and friends use the products too so making them safe, gentle, effective, and as natural as possible is my top priority. Every ingredient is paraben, phthalate, and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free. Every product is handcrafted in my kitchen in small batches. I measure, melt, pour, blend, and whip it all by hand! Every label is designed and printed and every box is packed and shipped by me.

I love to support others so I source every possible ingredient from small businesses across the country. When you support us, you’re also supporting dozens of others who are doing their best to provide for their families.

I am so very proud of all of our products and are so excited for you to try them. Your feedback and kind words mean the world to me. Whether you’ve bought a single bar of soap or a dozen gift sets, I appreciate you and am humbled that you chose to spend your hard-earned money with Heaven Scent Soap Company.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!