Sparkling Pine & Bergamot Whipped Sugar Scrub

Sparkling Pine & Bergamot Whipped Sugar Scrub

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You’ll love how this whipped soap gently exfoliates your skin with the addition of sugar. Our soap based scrub lathers and cleanses dirt and oils, while the sugar goes to work exfoliating rough, dead cells from your skin, leaving it brighter, softer, and smoother. This is a gentle exfoliant making it suitable from head to toe. It's especially amazing for shaving legs!

Sparkling Pine & Bergamot is a new fragrance for the holiday 2020 season! Fresh citrus, bergamot, and Christmas pine trees dance in the crisp winter air with notes of fresh cut juniper and cool lavender. Dry down of balsam pine, fragrant cedar, and frozen tundra. You'll definitely smell the pine but I promise you; it's not a "where's my flannel shirt and my ax" kind of pine! LOL! It's a wonderful mix and the citrus balances and softens the pine.

Details: Net Weight 6 and 11 oz 

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