Misfits & Move-Alongs All-In-One Wash

Misfits & Move-Alongs All-In-One Wash

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All-In-One Washes that we've categorized as "Misfits & Move-Alongs" are perfectly fine inside the bottle - it's the same quality of all of our products. We've just got some things we need to move out so we're offering them to you at fantastic prices!

Here are a few examples of what you can expect:

~Seasonal fragrance that aren't current

~Retiring fragrances

~Old or scuffed labels

~Old bottle style

~Please note that there are 3 fragrances available in a 12 oz size. They are priced accordingly

Details: Unless otherwise noted - 16 fl oz (Net Weight 18 oz)


*Check Our Scents if you have any questions regarding a fragrance.



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